Author Christine J Gilbert

Episode 8- Interview with Author Christine J. Gilbert


In this episode, she shares with us her experiences through the writing, publishing and product development process and gives aspiring authors tips on how they can get started with their journey to being a published author as well. 

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Show Notes:

Christine J. Gilbert grew up in a small town in Missouri. She was a corporate executive and then later became a successful entrepreneur. 

Christine is the author of six books- 3 books for the adult series and 3 for the children’s series. 

Her 3 book adult series titles are:  

• MANipulated Into Fear, There Is Always A Pattern, that was Book 1, 

• White Roses In A Dream, Traits, Patterns, and Action Plans, that was Book 2, and 

• DEEP SEEDED SECRETS, Corruption Lies, and Murder, as Book 3. 

Based on a true story. Her books were written under her pseudonym, Marvela Dawnay.

She wrote a children’s series to educate children and adults about safety and awareness with a super magical power theme for fun.

In 2015, Christine published the 3 book children’s series:

• Super Grandma and Super Grandpa, The Unknown Superheroes,  as Book 1 on September 11, 2015, 

• Super Grandma and Super Grandpa, The Unknown Superheroes, Book 2 on September 11, 2016, 

• and Super Grandma and Super Grandpa, The Unknown Superheroes, Book 3 on September 11, 2017. 

All three books have 911 as the published date inside the book because in the story she educates on the 911 emergency phone number. The story also educates stranger danger, cyber-bullying, stop, drop, and roll, and much more! 

She was also in the Army reserves for 6 years. 

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I hope you liked this episode and found it helpful. If you need more information on the small business startup process or just need some great resources, please to to the Resources page for some free downloads or more support information. 

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