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Episode 4- Starting a Business From the Inside Out


Some people may be struggling with not only developing your mission, but not even knowing what the mission is supposed to be. But where does the ‘mission’ fit into the bigger picture here of our lives? 

I like to look at it this way.. 

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Show Notes:

We all have a purpose in life.. even though many struggle to figure this out. But if you separate the perspective into layers and look at it this way, it may help. For example.. I like to think of life this way. 

·        A Vision

·        A Mission

·        Goals

·        And Tasks to accomplish the goals. 

Our ‘vision’ is the greater purpose.. why we think we are here on this planet. What are we ‘called’ to do? 

The Mission is defined as how we are supposed to focus on fulfilling the vision. 

For example.. I have been helping a non-profit org for a few years now called Fresh Water Friends and the Executive Director has a ‘vision’ to serve humanity. 

The ‘mission’ is to install water wells for impoverished villages in India or Uganda. 

The goal, is one well per week. 

The tasks are all related to the goal.. raising money, communicating with the field manager in India or Uganda, supporting them with their problems and installation issues.. etc.. 

If you are unsure at to what your mission in life would be, knowing what your strengths are…and weaknesses… will help you decide. Everyone is good at something.. whether you are born with a certain talent or skill, or if you have some other talent that gets developed over time and turns out to be something that you love to do.. or maybe it’s some sort of hidden talent that you never even thought you had. 

You can take these talents… whether they are natural or developed.. and capitalize on your specific business niche. Learn your strengths and build on them. Too many people focus on their weaknesses and try to make them better, instead of taking what they do well and capitalizing on those skills. I recommend taking the Kolbe self evaluation test for about $50. They have a great personal evaluation test that will highlight your strengths and give you a better understanding of yourself

Knowing yourself better will help you get from where you are, to where you want to be. 

You are the only one who is going to get you out of your situation. Only you can turn your dream into a reality. If you are serious, you will stop making excuses and open your mind to the possibilities.. 

Mike Kim   www.mikekim.com 

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I hope you liked this episode and found it helpful. If you need more information on the small business startup process or just need some great resources, please to to the Resources page for some free downloads or more support information. 

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