Wesley Dean

Episode 15- Interview with Wesley Dean, Videographer and Founder of Intermotion Media


Wesley Dean is the founder of Intermotion Media. He’s travelled around the world doing promotional work for non-profits and is currently based out of the Washington DC area.

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Show Notes:

Listen in on this episode where Wesley reveals how he started his videography business and how he was able to take it to another level and even use his skills doing video consultancy through the COVID pandemic. 

We also discuss the various aspects of his business including having both EQ and IQ, and how to perfect the blend of using video, music and message in his productions. 

I highly encourage you to go to Wesley’s websites to see his work and listen in on his podcast where he dives into his business and gives you a behind the scenes perspective on Intermotion Media. 


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I hope you liked this episode and found it helpful. If you need more information on the small business startup process or just need some great resources, please to to the Resources page for some free downloads or more support information. 

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