Episode 14- Interview with Wendy Gilhula, Best selling children's author, and author coach

Wendy Gilhula is an educator, writer, kindness app creator, and best-selling author of the Pika Bunny Learning Series. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from The University of Tennessee, Wendy has created an innovative learning series that teaches understanding and kindness.

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Show Notes:

Wendy creates mobile PIKA (Practice Intentional Kindness Apps) for businesses that want to reward their employees for acts of kindness. Her books have been recommended by therapists, counselors, activists, and teachers alike. As a creative consultant, Wendy offers Pika Bunny Power Hours to help authors take their children’s manuscripts to the next level.

Wendy shares with us how she started her author career and published her children’s series and then took it to another level by creating a phone app for businesses to use to reward kindness.

If you’re an aspiring author or author coach, listen in to get some extra inspiration on how you can be an author or author coach like Wendy.


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