April Shprintz

Episode 12- Interview with April Shprintz, of The Generosity Culture


April Shprintz has spent over two decades driving growth for companies through Generosity. 

She started her career in the Air Force and went on to specialize in sales, operations, and marketing, supporting Fortune 500 clients and generating over $1 billion in combined additional revenue for the companies she served. 3 ½ years ago, after her highest earning, 7- figure year in the corporate world,

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Show Notes

April left to start Driven Outcomes helping companies around the globe accelerate their businesses. April’s helps them make their impossible, possible using the principles of The Generosity Culture. 

In this episode, she walks us through her transition out of the military and into the corporate world, but then decides, to transition again, but this time start her own business as a consultant for business development.

Contact Info:

www.drivenoutcomes.com  (Company Website)



Twitter: @AprilShprintz

I hope you liked this episode and found it helpful. If you need more information on the small business startup process or just need some great resources, please to to the Resources page for some free downloads or more support information. 

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