Juliet Clark from Superbrand Publishing

Episode 10- Interview with Juliet Clark from Super Brand Publishing


What if you could determine who in your audience is your best client in 180 seconds?

Listen in to this episode to learn about the unique tools Super Brand Publishing uses to help you understand and grow your audience. 

Juliet has transformed the book publishing industry through unique methods that she explains here and how you, too, can be a successful author or publisher as well. 

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Show Notes:

Juliet Clark is a dynamic and sought -after speaker and podcaster who has spent the last twenty years helping authors, coaches, speakers, and small businesses all over the world build expert platforms.

Corporate companies, start ups, and author/ speaker incubators world- wide have benefited from Juliet’s unique and massively effective method of mastering lead generation and qualification for expert status. 

Juliet created a platform- building tool that assesses audience obstacles, generates leads, and qualifies leads for businesses. This simple technology can be used on social media, from the stage, and at workshops to build email lists and create conversations that build long- term relationships with potential clients. Her podcast, Promote, Profit, Publish, helps entrepreneurs understand how to use great tools in the coaching and small business spaces.

In this episode, Juliet and I discuss the writing, printing and publishing process and how Superbrand Publishing offers unique advantages over other, traditional publishing companies with their qualifying tools. 

Contact Info:

www.superbrandpublishing.com (Company Website)


I hope you liked this episode and found it helpful. If you need more information on the small business startup process or just need some great resources, please to to the Resources page for some free downloads or more support information. 

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