Recommended Resources

Below is a list of resources that I personally recommend or have created for your development and successful business launch. I selected my ‘best of the best’ books, podcasts and other resources. 

Most or all of the books can be purchased on Amazon. The podcasts are free.  

Download The 7 P's to Profitability

Build your small business with confidence knowing that you’re laying the foundation with a solid plan and a trusted strategy. 

Download this free resource to get a clearer understanding of the elements you’ll need to put in place for more successful personal brand business:

  1. Personal story
  2. Platform
  3. Positioning
  4. Product
  5. Packaging
  6. Pitch
  7. Partners
7 p's to profitability

Checklists for Coaching Sessions

If you’re enrolled in the 30 Day Fast Track Coaching Program, download the checklist here. 

If you’re enrolled in the comprehensive 60 Day Launch Coaching Program, download the checklist here. 

Tom's Favorite Books

Business Startup or Development

Choose– Ryan Levesque

You Inc. – Travis Rosser

The Startup Checklist– David Rose

Profit First– Mike Michalowicz

8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Startup Success– Sean Castrina

7 Day Startup– Dan Norris



Tribes– Seth Godin

Start With Why- Simon Sinek

What If? and Why Not?– Jen Groover 


Social Media

LinkedIn Riches– John Nemo



Reinventing You– Dorie Clark

Building a Story Brand– Donald Miller

Personal Development

StrenghtsFinder 2.0 (new with access code) -Gallup

Pivot– Adam Markel


Tom's Favorite Podcasts


Side Hustle Show– Nick Loper

Entrepreneurs on Fire- John Lee Dumas

10 Minute Entrepreneur- Sean Castrina

Social Media

Nemo Radio (LinkedIn)- John Nemo


Igniting Souls– Kary Oberbrunner

Conscious Pivot– Adam Markel


Brand You– Mike Kim

Podcast Development

Just the Tip– Tim Wohlberg



Jump start your new small business success with these E-books. They’re specifically targeting the biggest pain points of being a small business owner and will help you to have a more well run and profitable business. 

small business survival guide
Growing your business using social media
passion into profit

Affiliate Resources

Below are affiliate resources that I recommend and stand by. When you use the link provided, I may receive affiliate income from the service being provided, but the cost of the service does not go up for you. 

**A portion of my income goes to benefit the charity Fresh Water Friends Inc. to provide water wells for impoverished villages in India, Pakistan, Uganda, Malawi, and soon, Kenya and South Africa.**  Affiliate disclosure link here. 

Sometimes you need to hire a freelancer to help out on a specific task or project. Fiverr is great for providing professionals to help you grow your business. 

Email marketing that works with WordPress. 

Full suite of toll free number related services with many extras included (forwarding, voicemail etc.)

Full suite of website related services from A-Z (domain names, hosting, custom email, etc.)

Small Business Pre-Coaching Surveys

Before you start the Dream/Plan/Execute coaching program, please take this survey. 

Before you start the Planning part of the small business startup process, please take this survey. 

Before you start the Execute the Plan part of the small business startup process, please take this survey. 

If you’re looking for NPO coaching, please take this survey. 

If you’re working through your pivot to self employment over 40, please take this survey. 

If you currently own a small business and are looking for coaching, please take this survey. 

If you’re looking for general direction and are scheduled for your first coaching call, please take this survey. 

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