For many, the small business startup process can be agonizing and complicated. My commitment to you will be to help both quicken and simplify the process so that you can move forward towards profitability sooner. 


Q. “Where do I start?” 

A. Using your mission statement, we’ll work together to offer clarity and develop goals on a timeline for your successful business. 

Q. How do I know what business would be best for me?
A. I’ll give you resources that will help you determine your ‘zone of genius’ and turn your passion into profits. 


Q. “How much money will I need?” 

A. Let’s look at your short and long term goals to see what you’ll need up front and to see if this plan should be done in phases so it fits into your budget. 

Q. “Do I really need to establish a legal entity?” 

A. It’s highly recommended in order to protect yourself from any legal issues so that your personal assets are separated from your business assets. 

Q. “I’m good with social media, but how do I establish a social media marketing plan for a business that’s consistent with my branding?” 

A. Time spent on a social media marketing plan up front will save you time later on and help to deliver a clearer message.  

Q. “What kind of platform should I use for a website?” 

A. WordPress is highly recommended in order to quickly create a professional website that can be developed, over time with additional features easily.  

Q. “Can you help me with the business plan?”

A. I’ll work with you as a personal business coach, to create an individualized plan that is complete, concise and comprehensive using verified strategies and modern marketing methods. 


Q. How do I know when to launch my business and go live?

A. There is never a ‘right’ time, and there will always be an element of risk, but as we work together through your business plan, we’ll determine a target date for you to announce to the world that you’re ‘Open for Business’!


Q. I’m in military transition and in TAP/VTAP. How can you help me?
A. We can provide you with your personal survival guide that will direct you through the process faster, saving time and money. 

These are just some of the questions I’ve been hearing. 

The answer? “Let’s talk and work through these things together.”

“Big dreams are achieved through small steps.”

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