“Tom’s contributions in developing FWF (a nonprofit, public charity) are various and instrumental for its success. In the incipient phase of FWF, Tom provided clarity of vision and direction while simultaneously developing crucial marketing materials that directly led to shaping the organization’s future. His ability to translate visionary concepts into specific strategies are now enabling the organization to reach beyond its expected benchmarks.”  

Steven Surprenant., Executive Director, Fresh Water Friends LLC. Buffalo, NY www.freshwaterfriends.org

Getting your new business off the ground doesn’t have to be difficult. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a little help from someone that can walk you through the process, or if you’re looking for clarity after you’ve already launched your business or non-profit, let’s talk. 


What will you do with your next idea? Let’s work through the options that fit for you.


You may need someone that can help you step by step through the process, reduce the risks and increase your chances of success.


Do you have a plan but just need a nudge to launch it?

Are you wondering what to do next?

You're not alone...

Coaching can be done either locally in the Richmond VA area, or virtually, anywhere in the U.S.

Let me help you through the 7 P’s to a profitable business. If you’re a small business owner or an influencer for a nonprofit organization, we should talk.

Call for a free 30 minute session where we talk about your needs and what a potential plan of action could be. Let’s walk through this process step by step together, turning your passion into profits.

Strategy is great. Execution is the key.

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